EPF balance Ways of checking EPF balance easily
Must you be having an EPF account? Do you know exactly the balance of your account? If you do not then just continue reading and you will know about all the ways by which you can know such a balance. Let us, first of all, know why knowing the balance is required.

Reasons for knowing the EPF balance

  • You may be thinking that the balance in your EPF account is correct. There may be instances which may lead to a wrong balance.
  • The reasons for such wrong balance make it mandatory that you check your EPF balance. Let us know what can lead to such wrong balance in your EPF account.
  • The contribution made by your employer may not have been deposited correctly into your account.
  • The pension amount may not have been deducted properly which may lead to a wrong balance in your account.
  • You may yourself make a mistake while calculating the balance amount.
    It may be so that your balance has not been updated properly.
  • Initial withdrawal may have been forgotten by you which is the reason that you are thinking to have a wrong balance.
  • Whatever may be the reason it is proper that you know the correct balance so that you can take proper steps to rectify or pacify your confusion.

Ways of knowing the correct EPF balance

Over the years EPFO has made available 7 ways of knowing the balance. Let us see the seven ways so that you can select the one that suits you.
Checking the balance using UAN: The EPFO issues a Universal Account Number to every eligible member who has EPF. This unique number does not change even if you change your working organization. You can easily generate this UAN for you. As you activate your UAN you will be receiving SMS every month regarding your contribution and the balance in your account.

1. EPF balance enquiry by EPF passbook:

You can easily have the EPF passbook by being at the official site of EPFO. You only require your EPF number to log in and download the passbook. For authentication, you will be receiving an OTP on your mobile and using that you can download the passbook.
EPF passbook using UAN: If you are in UAN portal you can also download the passbook to know the balance easily. You just need to activate your UAN account and you can know the balance amount along with a full statement of your EPF account.

download epf passbook at uan member portal

Direct download uan passbook with uan & password login here.

2. EPF balance enquiry Missed call service:

There may be members who may find the above ways hard to follow. Keeping that in mind EPFO has introduced a way where one can know the balance just by giving a missed call to 01122901406. This is by far the easiest way of knowing the EPF balance.

Check pf balance online:

If anyone wishes to know their EPF balance online then they need to put their mobile number and EPF account number in the “Know your PF balance” page.

3.Check pf balance via SMS:

It may be so that you are unable to make a mobile call or not have a net connection. In that situation also you can know your EFP balance by means of SMS in your preferred language. You need to send an SMS to 7738299899 in the format EPFOHO UAN ENG if you wish to know your EPF balance in English.

4th bonus Using the mobile app:

4. EPF balance enquiry by Umang app

Being in the digital era EPFO has introduced the mobile app to facilitate you know the account balance. You can easily download the mobile app by being at the official site of EPFO. You just need to enter your mobile number and UAN to know the balance.

Note: you can check pf balance also from epfindia.com

EPF Balance enquiry through missed call & SMS get pf balance [FAST]

Ways to know EPF balance easily You must be having an EPF account. If you have you need to check the balance on the account so that you remain aware of how much you have saved in the account. You can easily know the balance by means of missed call and SMS. Let us know how you can know the balance by these means.

Requirements to know epf Balance through missed call

This is the easiest and cost-saving manner of knowing your EPF balance. There are certain requirements that you must fulfill in order to know the balance through a missed call.

  1. You must have the UAN
  2. You must have activated the UAN
  3. The mobile number that you give to the UAN portal must be correct.
  4. You must call from the same mobile number which is given in the UAN portal
  5. UAN must be linked to your PAN Card/ Adhaar Card/ Bank Account.

How to check EPF Balance by missed call & SMS

You need to call from the same mobile number that you have given in the UAN portal.

The number to be called is 011-22901406.

pf balance by the missed call

As you give the missed call you will be receiving an SMS letting you know the EPF balance.

If the company that you work at is a Private trust then you will not receive the balance in this manner.

Why choose missed call method

There are reasons why you should choose such a method. The reasons are:
No requirement of smartphone or app.
Anyone can have a balance check by this method, also those who are not well conversant with the use of mobiles.
No need to remember any code.
No need to pay money or use data on your phone.

check epf Balance through SMS

If you find that the Missed call service is not working you can use the SMS method of having a check on your EPF balance. Let us see how we can use such a manner of knowing the balance.
The SMS has to be sent to 7738299899 from the registered mobile number in UAN portal.

epf balance SMS

The format of the SMS should be EPFOHO UAN and the first three letters of your preferred language. It is available in 10 languages.
You can have the SMS in your preferred language, This service is open always.
It may so happen that you do not receive the SMS letting you know about the epf balance. This may happen if your Aadhaar, PAN, and bank account were not linked to your EPF account.

EPFOHO UAN ENG 7738299899.

UAN= 12 Digit Unique Number allocated by epfo. also was known as Universal account Number.

Why check epf balance by the call, SMS

  1. This method should be chosen because you can know the epf balance whenever you need.
  2. When you do not have a net connection or talk time available on your phone you can know the pf balance.
  3. You do not need a smartphone for utilizing this service
  4. You can easily know the pf balance whenever you wish. The service is available 24*7.
  5. So, you can easily utilize these ways for knowing your EPF balance.

Otherways to Know epf balance

  1. Download uan passbook at epfo login passbook.

  1. knowing on the epfo app

The most popular way is downloading EPF passbook online at  #uan member portal.

PF balance check by UAN [Fast Method] 4 ways 2 get pf statement

PF balance check by UAN: Easiest way of checking PF balanceThe UAN can be had from the company where you work or can be downloaded yourself if you wish. The unique number does not change even if you change your working organization. You can easily use this number to know the account balance of your PF. There are certain steps that you need to follow to know the balance using UAN. Let us make us familiar with the steps.

4 ways check pf balance by UAN

Let us make us familiar with the steps. Steps to be followed to know PF balance using UAN, The process that you need to follow is quite easy.

  1. Activation of the UAN needs to be done in the first place.
  2. For activating you need to enter your mobile number and UAN
  3. A PIN will be sent to your mobile number which you will be requiring latter.
  4. You now need to create a password for security reasons.
  5. As you have your UAN and password you can know your PF balance easily. Let us see how we can know the balance using the UAN.

NO: 1 [[popular] pf balance by downloading pf passbook

  1. visit Epfindia.com, click on our services and next click on members.
  2. Then click on member passbook,
  3. On the next page enter your UAN Number & password and click on the download

That’s it You could see pf balance details in pdf file.

follow this 4 steps to download uan passbook pf balance

Ways to know pf balance using UAN

Get Monthly PF statement SMS alerts :

As you successfully activate your UAN you will be receiving an SMS every month which will let you know about the balance of your account. You will also be able to keep a track of the contribution that you are making.

PF Passbook download: As you activate your UAN account you can download the PF passbook. The passbook will give you a detailed insight into your PF account and you will be able to know the balance that you have.

2.know pf balance on epfo Umang Mobile App:

This digital feature introduced by the organization also allows you to know the PF balance that you have using the UAN. You need to download the mobile app from the official website of the organization. As you now have the app on your phone you will be requiring the UAN number to know the balance.

  1. Download & install the Umang app from Itunes, or play store, Windows store.
  2. select epfo services app then click on member among pensioners and employer.
  3. Enter your UAN and password click on know your pf balance on your mobile.

3. check PF Balance by SMS in preferred language:

Using UAN for knowing balance not always requires you to have a net connection. You can simply send an SMS and have the balance details in the language that you prefer. This SMS sent to 7738299899 in the format EPFOHO UAN ENG if you wish to have the details in English.

4. Pf balance check by the Missed call:

You just need to give a missed call to the number 01122901406. Doing so, you will be able to have the account details of yours.

NOTE: It works only when you updated KYC with epfo member portal already.

UAN member portal

Why it is good to know the PF balance

There are reasons why you should have a track of your PF balance. These are the savings that you have made for your retired life so you definitely do not want to have any mistakes to happen in such an account.

Mistakes may happen due to various reasons like non-contribution from your employer side.

and not having the amount updated by the department or maybe a loan that you have forgotten to repay.
So, use the UAN that you have a keep a track of your PF balance regularly.


Any questions regarding “pf balance, uan registration, epf transfer,updating KYC, resetting uan password” please let us know!

4 easy STEPS to Download EPF / UAN Passbook @epfindia.gov.in

In 2018 the only ways to keep track of your epf balance is by downloading uan passbook. But to download this passbook you should already have uan activated aka uan member portal registration is necessary. downloading epf passbook is simple we mentioned 4 steps below. but getting the uan number and activating it for epfo portal registration somehow difficult to members. but we made it very simple please do checkout uan portal registration process below.

How to download EPF /UAN passbook

If you have an EPF account then EPFO has made means so that you can have an EPF passbook. You will only be requiring the UAN number of yours to have the passbook downloaded. There are certain steps which need to be followed to get the passbook. Let us see the steps so that we can also have the same.
Registration on EPFO portal
This is the first step that needs to be done. For registering on the portal you need to activate your UAN. You must have the UAN, PAN, Aadhaar or Member ID available to activate the UAN and get online access to the portal.
As you enter the details a PIN will be sent to the registered mobile. The PIN must be entered to complete the process of registration.

Download the UAN epf passbook in 4 steps

You may see this message on UAN member Portal “passbook available at epfindia.gov.in>> member srvicess>>member passbook“.

  1. To download the passbook you need to login to the member portal.
  2. As you reach there you need to click on Download e-passbook.
  3. Enter your UAN Number & password.
  4. Click on download the Epf passbook from memberspassbook.epfindia.gov.in.
follow this 4 steps to download uan passbook.

Here is 2 Steps approach to download UAN passbook

  1. visit E-pf passbook portal.
  2. Enter your UAN Number & password click on submit.
  3. Finally, you will get uan passbook with epf balance details.

Downloading epf Passbook without UAN

There are certain details which need to be entered like: (if you don’t have uan then these details required state, EPF office, PF code and PF account number).

As you enter such details a PIN would be sent to your registered mobile. Once the authentication is completed epf passbook will be available to you.

Note: You cannot download UAN passbook without UAN Number and password.However, you could achieve this by knowing UAN number by UAN status. further, you activate it for uan member portal registration.

Details that you can get from this passbook

There are various details which you can have this EPF passbook.

  1. PF Member ID
  2. Personal Details
  3. Date of joining
  4. Establishment code
  5. PF office
  6. EPF Transfer Details
  7. Employee Contribution to EPF account
  8. Employer Contribution to EPF account
  9. Total EPF balance
  10. Pension Contribution

Benefits of having such a passbook

There are various benefits of having such a passbook. The benefits are:

  1. You will have a detailed record of your EPF account.
  2. Check employer contribution.
  3. You will be able to know if there is an error in your personal details.
  4. Knowing the status of application of EPF transfer.

View your epf passbook by SMS

you can send a message like below to epfo customer care number, within 1 minutes you could get the details of epf balance.

  1. the total balance
  2. last month contribution
  3. Accumulated interest on epf balance by epfo @ 7-8%.

But you should already link all Your Aadhaar Number and Pan card details to the epf account,

Condition 3: UAN Number is Must and it should be activated already by uan registration

EPFOHO UAN ENG” on 7738299899.

Get your epf passbook details by Missed call

if you meet above conditions like aadhar, PAN, already seeded to the Pf account, and uan already activated.

then you can call this number from your registered mobile number with epfo.

CALL 011-22901406

Download UAN passbook epfo app UMANG


UMANG Stands for Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance. This is launched by PM Modi in 2017 to provide all government services in one app. including epfo, NPS, property tax, passport status, aadhar, pan etc.

  • Select the epfo app to enter your UAN Number and Password.
  • Click on member passbook you will see the uan passbook on your mobile.
  • This epf passbook includes all the details regarding your epf balance.